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Digital Audio Processing Fundamentals
Digital Audio Processing FundamentalsНазвание: Digital Audio Processing Fundamentals
Автор: Aurelio Uncini
Издательство: Springer
Серия: Springer Topics in Signal Processing
Год: 2023
Страниц: 726
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 27.6 MB

The book provides an accessible overview of audio signal processing, and enables readers to design and write algorithms for the analysis, synthesis, and manipulation of musical and acoustic signals for any programming language. It provides an overview of highly interdisciplinary topics developed in a simple but rigorous way, and described in a unified and formal language which focuses on determining discrete-time audio signal models. Readers can find within a self-contained volume basic topics ranging over different disciplines: mechanical acoustics, physical systems and linear and nonlinear models, with lumped and distributed parameters; described and developed with the same level of mathematical formalism, easy to understand and oriented to the development of algorithms. Topics include the fundamental concepts of acoustic mechanics and vibration; the design of filters and equalizers for sound signals, the so-called audio effects, abstract methods of sound synthesis, and finally, methods of synthesis by physical modeling.

The work provides an overview and didactically consistent of the problems related to the processing of the audio signal in its various aspects, from the numerical modeling of vibrating systems to the circuits and algorithms for manipulation and generation of sound signals.

The topics covered, while requiring strong interdisciplinary skills, acoustics, mechanical, electrical and computer science, are developed in a self-contained fashion, using a mathematics that should be known from previous courses in the first two years of science faculties. The two volumes, while complementary in subject matter, are autonomous and self-contained works.

The first volume Digital Audio Processing Fundamentals is organized conceptually into three parts.

The first introductory part consists of two chapters, where the fundamental concepts of vibration mechanics, and the various modes of possible generation of sound waves are reported. Linear and nonlinear vibration models in continuous and discrete systems are introduced. The circuit analogies of mobility and impedance are introduced, and the concepts of sound waves in air and the electro-acoustic transducers are briefly recalled. Also in the first part, discrete-time circuit models and basic methodologies for one- and multi-dimensional numerical filtering are introduced.

The central part deals specifically with audio signal processing methodologies. Filters for audio, multirate systems and wavelet transforms are introduced, so-called special transfer functions for audio applications are discussed, and circuit modeling methods for physical modeling of complex acoustic phenomena with both lumped and distributed parameters are discussed.

In the third part, the so-called audio effects are introduced, such as reverberators, dynamic range control of the audio signal, effects based on time–frequency transformations. In the last two chapters, abstract sound synthesis methods and physical modeling are introduced and discussed.

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