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On-Board Processing for Satellite Remote Sensing Images
On-Board Processing for Satellite Remote Sensing ImagesНазвание: On-Board Processing for Satellite Remote Sensing Images
Автор: Guoqing Zhou
Издательство: CRC Press
Год: 2023
Страниц: 241
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 27.1 MB

On-board image processing systems are used to maximize image data transmission efficiency for large volumes of data gathered by Earth observation satellites. This book explains the methods, mathematical models, and key technologies used for these systems. It introduces the background, basic concepts, and the architecture of on-board image processing, along with on-board detection of the image feature and matching, ground control point identification, on-board geometric correction, calibration, geographic registration, etc.

• Describes algorithms and methodologies for on-board image processing with FPGA chips.
• Migrates the traditional on-ground computing to on-board operation and the image processing is implemented on-board, not on-ground.
• Introduces for the first time many key technologies and methods for on-board image processing.
• Emphasizes the recent progress in image processing by using on-board FPGA chips.
• Includes case studies from the author’s extensive research and experience on the topic.

This book consists of ten chapters. The order of chapters has been arranged. The early chapters introduce the background, the basic concepts, and the architecture of on-board image processing. The later chapters discuss more specialized aspects on methods regarding on-board detection of the image feature point and matching, and on-board ground control point (GCP) identification and matching. Afterward, this book in detail describes the key technologies on on-board space resection, on-board geometric correction, on-board geometric calibration, on-board georeferencing without ground control point, and on-board orthorectification using FPGA. Finally, a case of application for flooding change detection with on-board image processing is exampled. The coverage of the later chapters would be particularly useful for those advanced readers or in the advanced courses. In addition, only a limited number of key references is given at the end of each chapter, and readers can expand their knowledge on subjects of particular interest.

Several of the apparent features of the book that I believe can enhance its value as a textbook and as a reference book are: First, the algorithms and methodologies described in this book are for on-board image processing using FPGA. Second, the key technologies for on-board image processing using FPGA are different from the traditional methods, such as image feature extraction, ground control points identification, image georeferencing, orthorectification, etc. Third, either the linear readers or the sporadic readers are appropriate, i.e., the sporadic readers can completely understand the essence of any chapter but must not read all the previous chapters. These chapters with a logical order are designed to especially deliberate for various interested readers. Readers therefore read the chapters relevant to his/her own subjects.

This book gives insights into emerging technologies for on-board processing and will benefit senior undergraduate and graduate students of remote sensing, information technology, Computer Science and engineering, electronic engineering, and geography, as well as researchers and professionals interested in satellite remote sensing image processing in academia, and governmental and commercial sectors.

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