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Experiments in Digital Electronics
Experiments in Digital ElectronicsНазвание: Experiments in Digital Electronics
Автор: V.S. Bist, A.S. Bahuguna, Sunil Semwal
Издательство: Neel Kamal Prakashan
Год: 2021
Страниц: 314
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 26.9 MB

Digital electronics circuits are the engines of cell phones, MPEG players, digital cameras, computers, data servers, personal digital devices, GPS displays, and many other consumer products that process and use information in a digital format. This experimental book elaborates on basic theories and experimental hands-on treatment of digital circuit design. This experimental book is suitable not only for basic theoretical concepts but also for laboratory work for B.E/B.Tech. Degree courses in Electrical/Electronics/computer-related disciplines, Diploma courses in Electrical/Electronics/computer-related disciplines, and postgraduate degree courses (M.Sc.) in Electronics and Master in Computer Application.

This book covers most of the experiments in digital electronics. The digital circuits can be designed and constructed using standard digital integrated circuits (ICs) mounted on protoboards / breadboards easily assembled in the laboratory. In this book, a summary of the experiments is covered in nine sections. The brief theory given for each experiment is sufficient for students to understand an experiment and benefit from it. The lab experiments can be used in a stand-alone manner and can be accomplished by the traditional approach, with a protoboard / breadboard and TTL circuits. The operation of the integrated circuits used in the experiments is explained by referring to a diagram of similar components introduced in the experiments. Each experiment is presented informally, and the student is expected to produce a circuit diagram and formulate a procedure for verifying the operation of the circuits in the laboratory. Before going to the experimental work, this book provides the introductory part of the digital lab components, precautions for handling IC’s, testing, troubleshooting, safety measures used in the laboratory, etc. This book contains nine sections of the experiments.

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