Front Yard & Backyard Idea Book
Название: Front Yard & Backyard Idea Book
Автор: Jeni Webber, Lee Anne White
Издательство: Taunton
ISBN: 1561587958
Год: 2006
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 367
Размер: 103 MB
Язык: English

Front Yard and Backyard Idea Bookis the ultimate idea folder of more than 500 innovative ways to transform every part of your outdoor land into personal and livable space. Fresh ideas on topics large and small, from the front entry and driveway to the back deck, kids recreation areas, lighting, decorating the outdoors, and safety, are featured.

Todays front and backyards are much more than just lawns. Outdoor kitchens make cooking a treat for the senses while backyard fireplaces create a natural gathering place for friends and family. Decks, patios and porches can be transformed into fully furnished outdoor rooms with floors, walls and ceilings.

Front Yard & Backyard Idea Bookhelps readers unlock the extraordinary possibilities of these incredibly flexible areas, and showcases a huge array of cutting-edge ideas for turning yards into personal, satisfying spaces. New twists on old themes are offered, as well as some of the freshest ideas from the brightest talent in landscape design. An effective combination of stylistic concepts and hands-on advice helps you select specific projects, while hundreds of color photos inspire and delight.

Two books in one, Front Yard & Backyard Idea Book will show you how to make full use of unlimited outdoor possibilities for lounging, dining, playing, and communing with nature.

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