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Thai Desserts Cookbook: Decadent Desserts from Thailand
Название: Thai Desserts Cookbook: Decadent Desserts from Thailand
Автор: Sharon Powell
Издательство: Independently Published
Год: 2020
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 16 Мб
Язык: английский / English

Thailand is a beautiful country that is very famous for its hospitality, landmarks, and food. Thai dishes are a combination of sweet, spicy, bitter, and salty, a traditional blend of flavors. Tourists enjoy the lip-smacking food on the street side and in a luxurious hotel. But why travel far when you can bring the Thai dessert to your home and make them by yourself? Thai food contains lots of coconuts, tropical fruits, sweet sticky rice, bamboo, tapioca, and a lot more. Thai food is light and very aromatic. McDang, a famous Thai chef, says that Thai food highlights the intricacy and brings out the beauty of the food item.

Thai people make the best use of the medicinal values of the food items. Thai food is divided into 4 main segments. “Tom” which means boiled, “Yam” which means spicy, “Tam” which means pounded, and “Gaeng” which means curry. Find out more about these desserts by trying them. You can now make them use very easy techniques and easily accessible ingredients.

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