Woodworking Machines: Straight Talk for Today's Woodworker
Название: Woodworking Machines: Straight Talk for Today's Woodworker
Автор: Skills Institute Press
Издательство: Fox Chapel Publishing
Серия: Back To Basics
ISBN: 1565234650
Год: 2010
Страниц: 192
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 42.9 MB

A straightforward manual for all woodworkers, this reference offers essential information about the core tools of the woodworking trade. With a chapter devoted to each machine--including the table saw, radial arm saw, band saw, drill press, and jointer--there is plenty of guidance for the beginning woodworker and suggestions for those with more experience. Each chapter includes a detailed diagram of the tool, instructions on its use, and important safety information. Whether woodworkers are setting up a shop, looking to buy new tools, or just interested in getting more from the tools they already own, this essential guide delivers concise information on an array of woodshop equipment.

The world is complicated enough...your woodworking information shouldn't be. Get the straight talk about woodworking machines, including: *The best way to set up your woodworking equipment *How to maintain your tools to work better and last longer *Techniques for keeping blades and bits razor sharp *Key jigs and fixtures to maximize each machine's performance *Helpful Shop Tips that will make you work smarter *Safety fundamentals to remember when working with machines Get the complete Set: Joinery Wood Cabinets Workshop Carving Sharpening Woodworking should be a fun and stress-free hobby. Bypass the overwhelming amount of woodworking information and get Back to Basics with the core information you need to succeed. You'll learn what is important to know now and what can be left for later. Best of all, the information is presented in the plain-spoken language you would hear from a trusted friend or relative.

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