Problems on Array: For Interviews and Competitive Programming
Problems on Array: For Interviews and Competitive ProgrammingНазвание: Problems on Array: For Interviews and Competitive Programming
Автор: Aditya Chatterjee, Tushti, Ue Kiao
Издательство: OpenGenus
Год: 2021
Страниц: 344
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, azw, epub
Размер: 10.2 MB

An Array is the most fundamental Data Structure in Computer Science. It can be thought as a contiguous set of elements and has a specific order of elements. Array is a linear data structure so there is no branching. This book "Problems on Array: For Interviews and Competitive Programming" is a deep dive into Array Data Structure, important algorithms and Practice problems on Array. On completing this book, you will have these core skills:

Strong hold on Array (Research Level)
Easily solve any Array based Coding Interview Problem
Design Custom Data Structures

Best approach to go through this book:

Master the basics of Array (Part 1): Take your own time in this section as it prepares you to understand the importance and applicability of Array.
Learn the basic techniques (Part 2): This part equips you with all necessary skills you need to solve any Array based problem efficiently.
See how a simple array can be modified to support different features (Part 3): This part impacts an important skill that is to design new Data Structure. This is an important Industry skill which will help you beyond Arrays.
Practice Problems (Part 4): Practice is a key to success for Coding Interviews, Competitive Programming and Efficient Problem Solving. Practice one problem everyday by implementing the solution on your own.

As a bonus, we have provided a Mock Interview practice which will help you test your skills in one of the hardest Array based Coding Interview.

Table of contents:

Fundamentals of Array
10+ Core Array Techniques
Example: Lomuto Partition and much more
5+ Types of Arrays
Example: Hashed Array Tree and much more
20+ Practice Problems on Array
Bonus: Mock Coding Interview

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