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Data Visualization with Python and JavaScript, 2nd Edition (Early Release)
Название: Data Visualization with Python and jаvascript, 2nd Edition
Автор: Kyran Dale
Издательство: O’Reilly Media
Год: 2022-10-04: Ninth Release
Формат: ePUB
Страниц: 550
Размер: 25,4 Mb
Язык: English

How do you turn raw, unprocessed, or malformed data into dynamic, interactive web visualizations? In this practical book, author Kyran Dale shows data scientists and analysts–as well as Python and jаvascript developers–how to create the ideal toolchain for the job. By providing engaging examples and stressing hard-earned best practices, this guide teaches you how to leverage the power of best-of-breed Python and jаvascript libraries.
Python provides accessible, powerful, and mature libraries for scraping, cleaning, and processing data. And while jаvascript is the best language when it comes to programming web visualizations, its data processing abilities can't compare with Python's. Together, these two languages are a perfect complement for creating a modern web-visualization toolchain. This book gets you started.

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