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Designing and Developing Secure Azure Solutions
Designing and Developing Secure Azure SolutionsНазвание: Designing and Developing Secure Azure Solutions
Автор: Michael Howard, Heinrich Gantenbein, Simone Curzi
Издательство: Microsoft Press/Pearson Education
Серия: Developer Best Practices
Год: 2023
Страниц: 528
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 30.5 MB

Plan, build, and maintain highly secure Azure applications and workloads.

As business-critical applications and workloads move to the Microsoft Azure cloud, they must stand up against dangerous new threats. That means you must build robust security into your designs, use proven best practices across the entire development lifecycle, and combine multiple Azure services to optimize security. Now, a team of leading Azure security experts shows how to do just that. Drawing on extensive experience securing Azure workloads, the authors present a practical tutorial for addressing immediate security challenges, and a definitive design reference to rely on for years. Learn how to make the most of the platform by integrating multiple Azure security technologies at the application and network layers taking you from design and development to testing, deployment, governance, and compliance.

About You:
This book is for all Azure application designers, architects, developers, development managers, testers, and everyone who wants to make sure their cloud designs and code are as secure as possible.

Discover powerful new ways to:
Improve app / workload security, reduce attack surfaces, and implement zero trust in cloud code
Apply security patterns to solve common problems more easily
Model threats early, to plan effective mitigations
Implement modern identity solutions with OpenID Connect and OAuth2
Make the most of Azure monitoring, logging, and Kusto queries
Safeguard workloads with Azure Security Benchmark (ASB) best practices
Review secure coding principles, write defensive code, fix insecure code, and test code security
Leverage Azure cryptography and confidential computing technologies
Understand compliance and risk programs
Secure CI / CD automated workflows and pipelines
Strengthen container and network security

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