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TypeScript Cookbook: Solutions for Everyday Problems (Fourth Early Release)
TypeScript Cookbook: Solutions for Everyday Problems (Fourth Early Release)Название: TypeScript Cookbook: Solutions for Everyday Problems (Fourth Early Release)
Автор: Stefan Baumgartner
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Год: 2023-03-16
Страниц: 223
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub (true), mobi
Размер: 10.2 MB

TypeScript is one of the most important tools for jаvascript developers. Still, even experienced developers wonder why the TypeScript compiler is throwing squiggly red lines at them. Enter TypeScript Cookbook. With this practical guide, author Stefan Baumgartner provides senior engineers with solutions for everyday TypeScript problems.

If you're conversant with TypeScript as well as jаvascript basics, this book provides actionable recipes to help you tackle a wide array of issues. From setting up complex project structures to developing advanced helper types, each self-contained recipe guides you through the problem and discusses why and how a solution works.

You want to get started with TypeScript, fantastic! The big question is: How do you start? There are many ways how you can integrate TypeScript into your projects, and they all are slightly different depending on your project’s needs. Just as jаvascript runs on many runtimes, there are plenty of ways to configure TypeScript so it meets your target’s needs.

The Chapter 1 covers all the possibilities of introducing TypeScript to your project, as an extension next to jаvascript that gives you basic auto-completion and error indication, up to full-fledge setups for full-stack applications on Node.js and the browser. Since jаvascript tooling is a field with endless possibilities — some say that a new jаvascript build chain is released every week, almost as much as new frameworks — this chapter focuses more on things you can do with the TypeScript compiler alone and without any extra tool. TypeScript offers everything you need for your transpilation needs, except the ability to create minified and optimized bundles for web distribution. Bundlers like ESBuild or Webpack take care of this task. Also, there are setups that include other transpilers like Babel.js which can play along nicely with TypeScript.

With TypeScript being a project with more than a decade worth of history, it carries some remains from older times, that for the sake of compatibility TypeScript can’t just get rid of. Therefore, this chapter will spotlight modern jаvascript syntax and recent developments in web standards. TypeScript has been designed as a superset of jаvascript, and every valid jаvascript is also valid TypeScript. This means that TypeScript is also really good at figuring out potential errors in regular jаvascript code. We can make use of this if we don’t want to have a full-blown TypeScript setup but want some basic hints and type-checks to ease our development workflow. A good pre-requisite if you only want to type-check jаvascript is a good editor or integrated development environment (IDE). An editor that goes really well with TypeScript is Visual Studio Code.

The ideal companion for your ongoing TypeScript journey, this cookbook helps you:

Dive into the inner workings of the TypeScript type system
Integrate TypeScript into a variety of projects
Craft advanced type definitions that allow for flexible scenarios
Create useful helper types that function across projects
Ensure readability along with type safety
Create robust APIs for helper types and their coworkers
Strongly type function signatures that rely on string types
Work around limitations of the standard library

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