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Artificial Intelligence Class 9: Vocational Course Code 417, Skill Education
Название: Artificial Intelligence Class 9: Vocational Course Code 417, Skill Education
Автор: Shalini Harisukh, Anjna Virmani
Издательство: Orange Education Pvt Ltd
Год: 2020
Страниц: 541
Язык: английский
Формат: epub (true)
Размер: 20.5 MB

Touchpad AI series has some salient features such as AI Game, AI Lab.

Key Features:
- National Education Policy 2020
- AI Game: It contains an interesting game or activity for the students.
- AI Lab: It contains questions to improve practical skills.
- Brainy Fact: It is an interesting fact relevant to the topic.
- Digital Solutions

Book Description:
Touchpad Artificial Intelligence series has some salient features such as AI Reboot, AI Deep Thinking, AI in Life, AI Lab and AI Ready which ensures that NEP 2020 guidelines are followed. The series is written keeping in mind about the future and scope that lies in Artificial Intelligence. The knowledge is spread in a phased manner so that at no age the kid finds it difficult to understand the theory.

Data visualisation is the graphical representation of data and information. By using graphical tools like charts and graphs, it is an easier way to understand the trends and patterns in data. Data visualisation can be done through a combination of automated tools and manual methods. It encompasses all aspects of the visual representation. It helps you arrange your scattered data into a structured pattern with specific characteristics following important trends in detail. It also helps to make better decisions.

There are both manual analysis and automated analysis tools available for data visualisation. These tools help us to visually explore and identify relationships between different datasets. Some of the commonly used data visualisation tools are:

• Microsoft Excel: It is a manual data exploration tool provided by Microsoft. It provides different types of basic charts and objects for visualising data. However, it is limited to use only for representing small amounts of organised datasets. It is not preferable for big data.
• Tableau Public: It is free software allows us to create interactive data visualizations that we can share with others. It has very large datasets. It is one of the most commonly used data visualisation tools.
• Microsoft Power BI: It is a data visualisation tool provided by Microsoft. It is freely available to download and use.
• Datawrapper: It is one of the most commonly used data visualization tools in media sector. It uses .CSV files to create charts and maps.
• Google Data Studio: It is a part of Google Marketing Platform and allows us to create multiple views of our data.
There are some other online websites also available for data visualization.

Python is a general-purpose, object-oriented, easy-to-learn and high-level programming language. Guido van Rossum designed Python and released it in 1991. He wanted to give a unique name to it so he named it after the famous BBC comedy TV show "Monty Python's Flying Circus". Python as a language supports simple English-like statements making it easy for the programmers to learn and maintain. This is one important reason for its popularity. In this chapter, we will learn a few other important features and the basic concept of programming through Python.

Important Features of Python:
Python is a very popular programming language. Let us study some of its important features to find out the reasons for its popularity:
• High-Level Language: Python is a high-level and general-purpose programming language which simplifies the process of developing a program. The code written in Python is more close to human language and away from machine language.
• Easy to Learn and Use: Python has simple English-like statements which are easy to learn and use. Anybody can easily get used to its syntax and can expertise in it.
• Expressive Language: Python supports simple code that expresses itself in a few lines to do big and complicated tasks.
• Free and Open Source: Python code is developed under OSI-approved open-source license which allows it to be downloaded free of cost from its official website The code can be modified and distributed further even for commercial purposes.
• Cross Platform Language: Python supports multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry, Pi, etc. which means a code written in one platform can easily run on another platform with little or no changes.
• Interpreted Language: Python uses an interpreter where the source code is converted and executed line by line at a time.
• Object-Oriented Language: Python supports the concept of classes and objects that makes its code efficient and reusable with important features like polymorphism, inheritance, data encapsulation, etc.
• Supports GUI: Python supports Graphical User Interface which makes its more user friendly and easy for the programmers to design code.
• Large Standard Library: Python has some built-in modules and packages for doing some standard and common tasks. These important libraries make it popular specially in AI-based programs where we need to focus more on its use and not in its core design.

What you will learn:
You will learn about
- Communication skills
- Management skills
- Fundamentals of computers
- ICT Tools
- Entrepreneurship

Who this book is for
Grade - 9


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