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Basic Circuits of Digital Electronics
Название: Basic Circuits of Digital Electronics: English Translation of the German Kit Booklet
Автор: Burkhard Kainka, Juergen Pintaske
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2023
Страниц: 125
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 18.0 MB

This booklet is describing an unusual package and approach. When I saw this Franzis kit on Burkhard Kainka‘s website, I was surprised how simple such a kit could be. I asked Burkhard and Franzis, if I can translate and publish the documentation into English, so an additional readership worldwide can take advantage and learn using this kit for the non-German community, which was granted.

The German title was too general for me, and I wanted a name that described the functionality. Everything is defined via the jumpers, which you could compare with the routing of a Programmable Array. So the name was clear

JPTS = Jumper programmable test system.
The original kit will come with the German booklet, and this book here is a direct translation, but I added some information, which seemed to be helpful while I worked through it during the translation and testing process. The board is pre-soldered with SMD components, but a few parts have to be soldered in by you. If you have no experience, ask around your neighbouts who can help. After this first setup, no further soldering is required. Please be careful that you put the 2 headers on the top side where the writing is, and the other parts the right way around as in the description.

You will probably buy this kit online, if you want to start learning. I would recommend, that you add a low-cost Multimeter to your order if you do not own one already. I went actually for a set of 4 units at less than $5 each, so I can do a lot of measuring, for example voltage and current at the same time, or the potential at 4 different positions in the circuit.
You can use the extra wires in the kit to access these different points and connect them to your multimeter(s). If you are not so experienced, just set it to 20V DC and measure voltages only, and nothing should go wrong.

I really love this idea to have a board with all of the required components fixed to it. You cannot lose them as you can with the usual beadboard and components setup. And the functionality is defined by just placing the jumpers. My kit had 15 jumpers, but the maximum you need is less as I have counted. And one additional hint: These books do not like to stay open when on your desk. I always cut them apart and reconnect the pages using a plastic binder; works a lot better.

Enjoy the booklet, and please send your feedback about the kit to amazon for the help of others who want to lean about electronics. I tried to lay out this book roughly in the same way as the original, so you can more easily compare both of them. In some pictures, the jumpers seem not to be connected well, but this just means they are used as switches. As described.

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