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Power Electronics Handbook, 5th Edition
Название: Power Electronics Handbook, 5th Edition
Автор: Muhammad H. Rashid
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann/Elsevier
Год: 2024
Страниц: 1472
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 88.4 MB

Power Electronics Handbook, Fifth Edition delivers an expert guide to power electronics and their applications. The book examines the foundations of power electronics, power semiconductor devices, and power converters, before reviewing a constellation of modern applications. Comprehensively updated throughout, this new edition features new sections addressing current practices for renewable energy storage, transmission, integration, and operation, as well as smart-grid security, intelligent energy, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning applications applied to power electronics, and autonomous and electric vehicles. This handbook is aimed at practitioners and researchers undertaking projects requiring specialist design, analysis, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services.

The purpose of Power Electronics Handbook is to provide a reference that is both concise and useful for engineering students and practicing professionals. It is designed to cover a wide range of topics that make up the field of power electronics in a well-organized and highly informative manner. The Handbook is a careful blend of both traditional topics and new advancements. Special emphasis is placed on practical applications; thus, this Handbook is not a theoretical one but an enlightening presentation of the usefulness of the rapidly growing field of power electronics. The presentation is tutorial in nature in order to enhance the value of the book to the reader and foster a clear understanding of the material.

Power electronics has already found an important place in modern technology and has revolutionized control of power and energy. As the voltage and current ratings and switching characteristics of power semiconductor devices keep improving, the range of applications continues to expand in areas, such as lamp controls, power supplies to motion control, factory automation, transportation, energy storage, multimegawatt industrial drives, and electric power transmission and distribution. The greater efficiency and tighter control features of power electronics are becoming attractive for applications in motion control by replacing the earlier electromechanical and electronic systems. Applications in power transmission and renewable energy include high-voltage dc converter stations, flexible ac transmission system, static var compensators, and energy storage. In power distribution, these include dc-to-ac conversion, dynamic filters, frequency conversion, and custom power system.

Almost all new electrical or electromechanical equipment, from household air conditioners and computer power supplies to industrial motor controls, contains power electronic circuits and/or systems. In order to keep up, working engineers involved in control and conversion of power and energy into applications ranging from several hundred voltages at a fraction of an ampere for display devices to about 10,000 V at high-voltage dc transmission should have a working knowledge of power electronics.

Applications of power electronics continue to expand. It is not possible to build practical computers, mobile phones, handheld devices, cars, airplanes, industrial processes, and a host of other everyday products without power electronics. Alternative energy systems such as wind generators, solar power, fuel cells, and others require power electronics to function. Technology advances such as electric and hybrid transportation, laptop computers, microwave ovens, flat-panel displays, LED lighting, and hundreds of other innovations were not possible until advances in power electronics enabled their implementation. Although no one can predict the future, power electronics will certainly be at the heart of fundamental energy innovations.

Provides a fully comprehensive work addressing each aspect of power electronics in painstaking depth
Delivers a methodical technical presentation in over 1500 pages
Includes 50+ contributions prepared by leading experts
Offers practical support and guidance with detailed examples and applications for lab and field experimentation
Includes new technical sections on smart-grid security and intelligent energy, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning applications applied to power electronics and autonomous and electric vehicles
Features new chapter level templates and a narrative progression to facilitate understanding

Changes in the fifth edition:
Previous chapters are revised, and the contributions are reorganized. The five new contributions are added in keeping with the new development and applications.
27. Power Electronics in Hydroelectric Energy Systems
28. Power Electronics for Wave Energy
30. Power Electronics for Distributed Energy
31. Power Electronics in Smart Grid
32. Power Grid Resilience

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