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Modern Radio Signals Filtering Devices Methods, Technologies, & Structures
Название: Modern Radio Signals Filtering Devices Methods, Technologies, & Structures
Автор: Grigory M. Aristarkhov, Yuri V. Gulyaev, Valery F. Dmitriev
Издательство: Bentham Books
Год: 2024
Страниц: 504
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 27.0 MB

This comprehensive book covers spectral analysis theory for radio signals and innovative devices designed for filtering electromagnetic waves across diverse frequency ranges. The book features 14 chapters that explain the working of devices utilizing surface and bulk acoustic waves. The chapters provide insights into acousto-optical and acousto-electronic Fourier processors' design principles, description methods, and characteristics. The inclusion of algorithms for multi-channel frequency discriminators enhances the precision of radio signal frequency measurements, ensuring stability in tracking frequency meters amidst intense interference. The book also includes mathematical modeling and experimental studies of waveguide microwave filters and X-band multiplexers, specifically tailored for non-pressurized radio electronic equipment in space communication systems. Notably, the book introduces readers to a compelling alternative to conventional filters: 2-D periodic structures in the form of thin perforated metal meshes that offer compact solutions for millimeter and sub-millimeter wave systems. A significant portion of the book is dedicated to the development of highly selective microstrip filters, incorporating complex topological structures with limited resonators and numerous couplings. This approach allows for the formation of numerous attenuation poles at finite frequencies, facilitating the achievement of high electrical parameters and compact filter sizes.

The widespread use of multi-channel systems and signal processing methods is the development trend of modern radio engineering information systems. The case examples are multi-channel filtering and spectral analysis devices, which are discussed in detail in this monograph. Exceptional opportunities for improving methods and devices for information processing emerge from the use of information and, in particular, structural redundancy that appears as a result of the multi-channel processing of radio signals with a high-frequency resolution. This has resulted prominently in recent years. Solving the problems of study, design, and implementation of spectral analysis tools on acoustic waves are the most important tasks of applying the latest achievements in the development of technologies, methods, algorithms, structures, and devices for radio signals spectral processing in modern multifunctional multi-channel radio information systems.

This book is mainly focused on describing filtering devices and spectral processing of microwave signals. Depending on the range of operating frequencies, completely different approaches are adopted to their design principles, which follow from wide variety of possible physical implementations. The monograph contains previously approved as well as original authors’ solutions on the entire range of issues emerging from the field of design devices for these applications.

Close attention is paid for devices based on surface and bulk acoustic waves. The design principles of various types of acoustic-optical and acoustic-electronic Fourier processors, methods of their description, as well as their characteristics are presented. The monograph presents detailed discussion on the generally main final problem of radio signals spectral processing, which is measuring their frequency.

The book presents the results of mathematical modeling and experimental research of waveguide microwave filters and multiplexers, manufactured on rectangular and circular waveguides. These devices are designed to work in unpressurized onboard radio-electronic complexes of satellite systems for space communications.

Also considered are two-dimensional periodic structures in the form of perforated thin metal screens, which are used in modern microwave and terahertz technology, mainly for filtering electromagnetic signals. The small size and weight of mesh filters make them an advantageous alternative for conventional filters.

Engineers and scientists specializing in communication systems design and analog Fourier processors will find a wealth of well-established and original solutions within this book.

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