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Raspberry Pi Pico Very Basic C language version
Название: Raspberry Pi Pico Very Basic C language version
Автор: Toshinori Fujii
Издательство: GO-AHEAD LLC
Год: 2024
Страниц: 281
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 26.6 MB

When it comes to microcontrollers, Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi and MicroBit are used. The MicroBit is probably the least demanding of these, as the software to be written to the MicroBit microcontroller can be written in three main ways, or in blocks as in Scratch. Another commonly used microcontroller is the Arduino UNO from the Arduino series. This microcontroller is similarly available with the Arduino IDE C software, which can be downloaded free of charge. As these microcontrollers are widely used by many people, a lot of information is available on the web, and this information makes them much easier to use.

 Now, the Raspberry Pi is a bit harder than these two microcontrollers. This is because the Raspberry Pi Pico-specific C software is not immediately available. Therefore, the C language of the Arduino IDE is used to set up a relatively simple execution environment.

 Unlike the Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi Picoo described in this manual is not a PC, but is treated like an Arduino or MicroBit microcontroller: you write the program on your PC and write the program from your PC to the microcontroller. Writing can be done via USB, so it is easy to operate. The Raspberry Pi Pico W is also Wifi enabled. This allows you to study the IoT. It is also relatively cheap compared to other Raspberry Pi's, around $1000, and if it breaks, it will be less of a shock.

 For those who are new to Raspberry Pi Pico, this book explains the programmes and circuits you are likely to use most often, from lighting LEDs to how to control it using Wifi communication. Use this book as a starting point to learn more about the Raspberry Pi Pico.


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