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Augmented Reality: Where We Will All Live (2nd Edition)
Название: Augmented Reality: Where We Will All Live (2nd Edition)
Автор: Jon Peddie
Издательство: Springer
Год: 2023
Страниц: 429
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 28.5 MB

This book provides an in-depth exploration of the field of augmented reality (AR) in its entirety and sets out to distinguish AR from other inter-related technologies like virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and extended reality (XR). The author presents AR from its initial philosophies and early developments, and in this updated 2nd edition discusses the latest advances and the ramifications they bring and the impact they have on modern society. He examines the new companies that have entered the field and those that have failed or were acquired giving a complete history of AR progress. He explores the possible future developments providing readers with the tools to understand issues relating to defining, building, and using their perception of what is represented in their perceived reality, and ultimately how we assimilate and react to this information.

The goal of this book is to explain the many nuances of augmented reality and what augmented reality is. Often confused with virtual reality and mixed reality, it is the objective of the book to establish a clear delineation between those other technologies whose only common element is a display, but not the content, proximity, or problems.

Augmented reality holds the promise of forever altering and improving our lives. It will give us freedom from oppression, unlimited sources of information in real time, and new ways to communicate and understand one another. We will be able to help and get help for each other at great distances, and increase the quality of service, health and welfare, maintenance, design, and education. We will also have more fun. This is not science fiction, although the concepts have their roots in such fiction.

One of the key difficulties in developing augmented reality applications is the problem of tracking the user’s viewpoint. To know from what viewpoint to draw the virtual imagery, the application needs to know where the user is looking in the real world. ARToolKit uses computer vision algorithms to solve this problem. The ARToolKit video tracking libraries calculate the real camera position and orientation relative to physical markers in real time. This enables the easy development of a wide range of augmented reality applications.

In Augmented Reality: Where We Will All Live 2nd Edition, Jon Peddie has amassed and integrated a corpus of material that is finally in one place. It will serve as a comprehensive guide and provide valuable insights for technologists, marketers, business managers, educators and academics who are interested in the field of augmented reality, its concepts, history, practices, and the science behind this rapidly advancing field of research and development.

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