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Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home

Автор: Eames-Sheavly, Marcia
Название: Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home
Издательство: Cornell
Год: 2003
ISBN: 157753302X
Язык: English
Формат: pdf
Размер: 1,9 mb
Страниц: 108

Home-grown fruit. Nothing tastes better or is more satisfying to cultivate. In simple language and informative graphics, the Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home tells you how to grow and harvest the freshest, highest-quality fruit right in your own backyard, including:

• choosing the best varieties.
• site selection.
• soil preparation.
• planting.
• pruning and training.
• pest and disease management.

From easy-to-grow berries that you can plant and harvest this season to more challenging grapes and fruit trees that can provide a lifetime of crops, it's all here. There’s even a section on little-known fruits that make handsome landscape plants as well as provide tasty harvests.

In just a few short years, you can turn your yard into an edible landscape. Here’s how...

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