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Global Audit Leadership: A Practical Approach to Leading a Global Internal Audit
Название: Global Audit Leadership: A Practical Approach to Leading a Global Internal Audit (GIA) Function in a ­Constantly Changing Internal and ­External Landscape
Автор: Audley L. Bell
Издательство: CRC Press
Серия: Security, Audit and Leadership Series
Год: 2025
Страниц: 315
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 10.1 MB

Leaders across the globe have a common challenge they cannot ignore: CHANGE. This must be embraced and effectively managed to remain relevant and successful in a dynamic operating environment. Embracing change, including technological innovations, collaboration, and timely sharing of information, is paramount to the survival and success of everyone in an ever-changing environment.

In times of rapid change, organizations are often forced to adjust their strategic plans. Stakeholders usually need assistance to effectively manage the risks, unprecedented at times, and to capitalize on the opportunities that usually come with change. Change management must be effectively executed to assist in ensuring the viability of the organization.

The traditional approach of leading global internal audit (GIA) is a risk to its existence in a dynamic operating environment. The chief audit executive (CAE) and leaders of GIA must evolve, transform, and adopt the agile methodology for leading. This is required to effectively navigate the rapid and constant changes in the operating environment and remain relevant, successful, and valuable to the organization. The adoption of the agile methodology is the best option for the CAE and leaders of GIA to effectively manage the complexity, challenges, and demands of an everchanging operating environment. The transformation to an agile leadership and operating environment is a strategic undertaking. It must be effectively managed for it to be successful and sustainable. Agile leadership is also collaborative, stakeholder-focused, and solution-driven approach to leading.

The agile methodology became popular with the creation and release of the Agile Manifesto in 2001. It is a collection of software development methodologies based on a set of common values and principles for rapidly developing and delivering quality software to customers. It includes extreme programming, adaptive software development, scrum, dynamic system development method, crystal, feature-driven development, and pragmatic programming. Agile methodology is a principle-based approach to software development, which allows for more flexibility and creativity. It also makes it easier to quickly pivot and adapt to change. It is unlike the traditional waterfall linear approach, which is structured, program-driven, and rigid.

Scrum is the most widely used methodology for the management and delivery of quality software development services and products as well as project management. It is “a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.” The scrum approach breaks down complex projects into small units referred to as sprints.

Digitalization is a revolutionary force that is driving organizations, including GIA, to revisit and rethink their strategy. Doing things manually that can be done electronically is a risk to the effectiveness and efficiency of GIA’s operations. The automation and digitalization of GIA’s operations pave the way for doing things electronically. Digitalization, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and robotics are key drivers in improving and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of GIA’s operations.

This book provides advice and guidance to assist stakeholders in navigating the challenges and demands of change. It includes insights, measures, and tools that have contributed to my success as a leader in the internal audit profession for 27 years.

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