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Ivor Horton's Beginning Java. Java 7 Edition
Ivor Horton's Beginning Java. Java 7 Edition

Название: Ivor Horton's Beginning Java. Java 7 Edition
Автор: Ivor Horton
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Год: 2011
Формат: pdf+code
Страниц: 1154
Размер: 32.92 Мб
Язык: английский

Ivor Horton’s Beginning Java, Java 7 Edition, a comprehensive and easy-to-use tutorial guide to learning the Java language and the Java platform application program interface (API). This book provides you with the essential know-how for developing programs using the Java Development Kit 7 (JDK 7) or later.

In this book, as well as teaching you Java, Ivor Horton introduce you to a wide variety of topics that will be relevant to you as a Java programmer. He had structured the book so that you learn Java programming in a carefully designed and logical way so that at each stage you build on what you have learned at the previous stage.

The book aims to teach you Java programming following a logical format:

1) it covers some of the main terms and concepts that underpin programming in Java. This will give you a perspective and reference frame for the detail that follows.

2) it provides you with a clear explanation of all the features of the Java language-the basic data types, the control structures that manipulate data, the object-oriented features of the language, the way runtime errors are handled, and how threads are used. It also provides a solid introduction to generic types in Java and how you can apply them in your own programs. The book doesn’t just explain what the language elements do, but also how you can apply them in practice.

3) it gives you an extensive introduction to the key packages in the Java class library-among others, the java.math, java.io, java.nio.file, java.util, java.awt, java.awt.event, java.applet, javax.swing, and javax.xml packages are all covered and illustrated with full working examples. These packages cover file handling, printing, collection classes, helper objects, graphical user interfaces, applets, and XML.

4) it guides you through the process of building a substantial application, Sketcher, in which you apply the Java language capabilities and the Java class library in a realistic context. The sketching application has menus, toolbars, and a status panel to give you a grounding in putting together a basic application user interface. You also implement the capability to draw and manipulate a number of elements, handle text, print sketches on your local printer, and save sketches to disk. Assembling an application with this range of functions gives you a much better understanding of how you apply Java in practical projects of your own, something that’s hard to appreciate from any number of more trivial examples.

5) it introduces the fundamentals of XML and then shows how you can use the XML and XSLT capability that comes with the JDK to work with XML and to read and write XML files.

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