Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems, 2nd Edition (Final)
Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems, 2nd Edition (Final)Название: Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems, 2nd Edition (Final)
Автор: Sam Newman
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Год: 2021
Страниц: 615
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub
Размер: 16.9 MB, 10.3 MB

As organizations shift from monolithic applications to smaller, self-contained microservices, distributed systems have become more fine-grained. But developing these new systems brings its own host of problems. This expanded second edition takes a holistic view of topics that you need to consider when building, managing, and scaling microservices architectures.

Through clear examples and practical advice, author Sam Newman gives everyone from architects and developers to testers and IT operators a firm grounding in the concepts. You'll dive into the latest solutions for modeling, integrating, testing, deploying, and monitoring your own autonomous services. Real-world cases reveal how organizations today manage to get the most out of these architectures.

Who Should Read This Book
The scope of Building Microservices is broad, as the implications of microservice architectures are also broad. As such, this book should appeal to people interested in aspects of design, development, deployment, testing, and maintenance of systems. Those of you who have already embarked on the journey toward finer-grained architectures, whether for a greenfield application or as part of decomposing an existing, more monolithic system, will find plenty of practical advice to help you. This book will also help those of you who want to know what all the fuss is about, so that you can determine whether microservices are right for you.

Microservices technologies continue to move quickly. This book brings you up to speed.

Get new information on user interfaces, container orchestration, and serverless
Use microservices to align system design with your organization's goals
Explore options for integrating a service with the rest of your system
Take an incremental approach when splitting monolithic codebases
Deploy individual microservices through continuous integration
Examine the complexities of testing and monitoring distributed services
Manage security with expanded content around user-to-service and service-to-service models

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