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Essential TypeScript 5, 3rd Edition (Final Release)
Название: Essential TypeScript 5, 3rd Edition (Final Release)
Автор: Adam Freeman
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2023
Страниц: 568
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 54.4 MB

Now in its third edition, this bestselling guide to TypeScript takes you through the nuts and bolts of the language. No frills, no fuss—just TypeScript essentials!

TypeScript enhances jаvascript with static typing, while keeping all the JS flexibility you know and love! It’s the perfect choice for any developer looking to improve the predictability and reliability of their code. Essential TypeScript 5, Third Edition teaches you how to get the most out of TypeScript 5 for a consistent, dependable development experience.

Inside Essential TypeScript 5, Third Edition you’ll learn how to:

Configure the TypeScript development tools
Use type annotations
Create strongly typed functions and classes
Use generic types
Use type guards to determine types
Create and consume type declaration files
Use TypeScript to create web applications with Angular and React

The book starts you off with a proper understanding of the jаvascript type system that will make using TypeScript so much easier. On that solid foundation, you’ll build your understanding of TypeScript development, following a hands-on learning path all the way to TypeScript’s advanced features.

About the technology:
TypeScript is a popular superset of jаvascript that adds support for static typing. TypeScript’s typing features, which will be instantly familiar to C# or Java programmers, help you reduce errors and improve the overall quality of your jаvascript code.

Over the years, Microsoft has shaped TypeScript into a powerful and robust language that has been widely adopted and which makes jаvascript easer to use for countless developers. Originally associated with Angular, TypeScript is now supported by every major development framework and its approach to enhancing jаvascript has become the gold standard. But TypeScript isn’t a conventional stand-alone programming language: it is a set of enhancements that are applied to jаvascript. jаvascript is an elegant and expressive language, but it behaves like few other languages, and its unusual approach to data types causes endless confusion. TypeScript doesn’t change the jаvascript type system, it just helps prevent unexpected results, and effective TypeScript development requires a good understanding of jаvascript. This book contains a primer that explains the most confusing jаvascript features so that you have the knowledge you will need to use and appreciate TypeScript.

About the book:
Essential TypeScript 5 is a fully updated third edition of the classic Adam Freeman bestseller. It provides full coverage of TypeScript 5, including new features like decorators. You’ll begin with the hows-and-whys of TypeScript, then quickly progress to practical applications of static types. No wasted pages! Each chapter is focused on the skills you need to write awesome web apps.

What's inside:

Configure your development tools
Create strongly typed functions and classes
Use generic types, type annotations, and type guards
Create and consume type declaration files

About the reader:
For jаvascript developers. No previous experience with TypeScript required.


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