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12 Twisted Python Projects for Young Coders (MEAP v7)
Название: 12 Twisted Python Projects for Young Coders (MEAP v7)
Автор: Daniel Aldred
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2023
Страниц: 260
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 29.8 MB

You won’t find these Python projects in a programming textbook! Each twisted task teaches you Python GUI skills you’ll use again and again—even for serious things like a job!

In 12 Twisted Python Projects for Young Coders you’ll build weird and wonderful apps like:
A random joke generator
A reaction tester that asks “Are you faster than a superhero?”
A mind-reading app
An interactive fart soundboard
A password security checker
A tic tac toe game
A pixel image generator
And more!

12 Twisted Python Projects for Young Coders helps you take your next steps in Python by creating offbeat projects you’ll love to code. You’ll learn vital techniques for designing and developing Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) that put a face on your Python apps. Use the open-source GUIZero library to build programs that prank your friends and amuse your family while upgrading your programming skills. Perfect for Python beginners, and kids big and small.

about the technology
The button, boxes, menus, and images on a Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes it easy for users to interact with a program. Python’s free, open source GUIZero library makes it easy to create GUIs for your applications. Built on the rock-solid Python Tkinter GUI, GUIZero is perfect for creating simple forms, games, and widgets.

about the book
Are you a Python beginner wondering where to go next? 12 Twisted Python Projects for Young Coders has some wicked answers! You’ll build the kind of projects you’d never find in computer class, and learn important Python development skills as you do. Start with a fart soundboard, create a joke machine, and build a device to Rick-Roll your friends. You’ll quickly move on to advanced projects that will test and evolve your skills, including a pixel art program and a reflex tester. You’ll learn to use functions, loops, variables, lists, and layouts; and master making interactive GUIs. Most important of all, these twisted projects will teach you a very important lesson—coding can be really fun!

This book walks you through building these fun projects, such as the F.A.R.T soundbox, a personal timer, a BAE or Bust calculator, even a pixel painter. Each chapter presents a new and exciting project that is fun in its own right and teaches you programming skills in Python and guizero. Python is a popular and versatile coding language, and guizero is an easy way to create interactive graphical user interfaces, GUIs. You can find GUIs everywhere, for example, the menus and buttons that enable you to interact with your smartphone or tablet. The apps and games that you can download and play, the Operating System on your computer. GUIs are everywhere. The software we will use to create our GUIs is called guizero.

about the reader
For Python beginners who know the absolute basics, and experienced Python programmers looking for fun projects to try.

about the author
Daniel Aldred is a Raspberry Pi certified teacher, and senior leader in education responsible for digital transformation. He’s spent over 22 years teaching 11 to 19 year olds. He curates his own computing/coding websites and YouTube channel.

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