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.NET in Action, 2nd Edition
Название: .NET in Action, 2nd Edition
Автор: Dustin Metzgar
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2024
Страниц: 360
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 24.7 MB

Learn to build standout line-of-business applications using Microsoft’s .NET Framework, the premier platform for enterprise business development.

.NET in Action, Second Edition presents the big picture of .NET application development, introducing core concepts like:

Designing applications to take full advantage of .NET 7
Integrating the latest C# and .NET features
Building web services and applications with ASP.NET Core and Blazor
Working with data in files, and remote services, and databases via Entity Framework Core
Verifying code with unit and integration tests
Make applications ready for internationalization
Benchmarking and analyzing application performance
Building cross-platform applications for web, mobile, and desktop with MAUI

.NET in Action, Second Edition offers a clear-headed introduction to implementing full-featured, cross-platform professional applications on the Microsoft .NET platform. It’s written by Dustin Metzgar, an industry veteran who helped develop both the original .NET Framework and .NET Core. Based on the bestselling .NET Core in Action, this new edition has been completely rewritten and updated to .NET 7.

About the technology:

Using Microsoft’s powerful .NET platform, you can build web and desktop applications for almost any operating system or device. .NET powers everything from lightweight web apps to industrial-strength distributed systems. Designed to be cross-platform and ready for hybrid cloud deployments, it’s perfect for deploying servers and services almost anywhere. It’s even a great place to start with game development and machine learning! With so many options, it’s important to have the big picture perspective this book provides.

.NET is free, cross-platform, and open source; it’s a runtime, not a programming language. The .NET runtime understands only one language: Common Intermediate Language (CIL). CIL is a low-level language similar to Assembly. Don’t worry, though; you won’t have to learn CIL because .NET comes with compilers that compile high-level languages to CIL. .NET fully supports three languages: C#, F#, and Visual Basic (VB.NET). C# is the most widely used of those languages by a large margin, and all examples in this book are in C#. F# is a functional language like Clojure and Haskell. C# and F# are active projects, but VB.NET is done—Microsoft parlance for continuing support and maintenance but not investing in new features. Code written in .NET has access to other .NET code, regardless of the language used. If some part of your C# application is better expressed in F#, you don’t need to convert everything to F# because all the .NET compilers produce CIL. The C#, F#, and VB.NET compilers are packaged with .NET, but any language that compiles to CIL will work with .NET.

About the book:

.NET in Action, Second Edition introduces you to cross-platform development using the Microsoft .NET platform. In each chapter, you’ll build new applications as you pick up essential .NET skills. Each new concept covered includes handy exercises that test your knowledge. The book concentrates on the most important features of .NET you’ll need to ship professional applications.

Unlike other books that swamp you with low-level details, .NET in Action provides the broad overview you need to understand the whole platform. You’ll learn how to store and retrieve data from a variety of sources, benchmark and analyze performance issues, and even secure your websites and services against unauthorized users. As you go, you’ll explore modern architectures like microservices and cloud data storage, along with practical matters like performance profiling and unit testing.

About the reader:
For developers who know the basics of object-oriented programming. Examples in C#.

Whether you’re new to .NET and C# or a seasoned .NET Framework developer, this book has plenty of useful information for you. Although all this information may be available online through documentation, blogs, and the like, this book compiles and organizes everything in a format that’s clear and easy to follow. The book assumes that you have working knowledge of imperative, object-oriented programming languages such as C++ and Java. Although the book isn’t an instructional guide to C#, it explains key concepts of C# to aid the reader. This book also assumes that you have some proficiency with terminals or command lines and text editors.

About the author:
Dustin Metzgar is a seasoned developer and architect. When he worked for Microsoft, Dustin contributed to the .NET Framework, .NET Core, and the open sourcing of .NET.

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