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Python Programming (2023)
Название: Python Programming
Автор: S. Sridhar, J. Indumathi, V.M. Hariharan
Издательство:‎ Pearson Education
Год: 2023
Страниц: 794
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 20.2 MB

Python Programming is designed to be a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students to provide programming knowledge and enhance problem-solving skills. The book begins with the basics of Python programming followed by the basics of algorithms and further focuses on topics like introduction to programming language, looping, functions, and data structures like lists, tuples, sets, dictionary, and strings. It covers functional programming concepts such as higher-order functions. It also covers Object Oriented Programming concepts such as inheritance and polymorphism. The book also deals with modules and packages, errors and exceptions, Python testing, profiling, debugging, and file handling. The book then focuses on GUI programming. An introduction to data analytics, databases, network programming, and security is provided in this book. The book is also helpful for diploma courses, school curricula, competitive examinations like GATE, coding interviews, and coding competitions. This book can also be used for imparting training and certificate courses to professionals. This book is also ideal for self-study who wishes to make a career in the IT field. Whether a beginner or an experienced coder, this book will help readers navigate through Python and enable them to maximize its power, versatility, and general-purpose nature as a programming language.


Coverages computational thinking, algorithm writing, algorithm analysis, and data structures such as lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries, strings, stacks, and queues.
Explains advanced topics such as debugging, testing, profiling, databases like SQLite, network, and optimization techniques
Discusses important topics like context manager, Multi threading, Socket programming, cryptography, ethics of programming, and web scrappers.
Provides realworld examples as case studies
Includes Python packages such as os, sys, sympy, math, pycompile, pickle, tkinter, turtle, cython.
Special focus on Python tools: doctest, pytest, unitest, cProfile, timeit, Pdb, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Scikitlearn, Sqlite, beautifulsoup.

This book, is divided into twenty two chapters. A brief description of all the chapters is mentioned below:

Chapter 1 titled “Introduction to Programming” introduces the basic concepts of programming. The reader is taken on a journey through the fundamentals of Python as well as the terminologies that are associated with Python.
Chapter 2 titled “Problem Solving and Algorithms” introduces the basics of computational skills that are necessary for solving problems. This chapter places a strong emphasis on the importance of algorithms. This chapter deals with algorithm writing, flowcharts, algorithm analysis, and asymptotic notations.
Chapter 3 titled “Introduction to Python,” sheds light on the basics of programming in Python, data types, and how to manipulate them with different operators.
Chapter 4 titled “Decision Structures” provides insights into how to take decisions. if statements, if-else statements, if-elif statements, and nested-if statements are dealt in this chapter.
Chapter 5 titled “Looping Statements” deals with elaboration on how the computer can assist repetition using programming constructs like while, for, and nested loops. In this chapter, statements like break, continue, and pass statements are discussed.
Chapter 6 is on functions. The chapter illustrates how a function should be constructed.
Chapter 7 illustrates the list data structure. The chapter focuses on list creation, list processing, list functions, and methods.
Chapter 20 titled, “Introduction to data analytics with python”, introduces data analytics. This chapter provides an overview of the fundamentals of Data Science. Python tools like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Scikit-Learn are explained in this chapter.
Chapter 21 titled, “Database and Parallel programming”, focuses on the concepts behind the database. CRUD operations of SQLite are discussed in this chapter. The chapter provides a working knowledge of asynchronous programming, threads, their interactions, and multiprocessing functionality.
Chapter 22 titled, “Networks and Security” introduces networks and security. It also provides an overview of networking and socket, the process of web scraping, and finally, the cryptographic algorithms are presented.

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