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Performance with Laravel (Premium Package)
Название: Performance with Laravel
Автор: Martin Joo
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2024
Страниц: 362
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf + Sources
Размер: 30.3 MB

With this guide, you can significantly improve the performance of your Laravel/PHP applications.

"Performance with Laravel" is a 362-page guide that teaches you how to optimize your app's performance.

Advanced Redis
Advanced database indexing
Designing performant and reliable architectures
Async workflows
Optimizing jobs and workers
Concurrent programming
Working with large datasets
Export and imports
Decreasing memory consumption
fpm processes
nginx cache
Database optimization techniques
Measuring performance
Fixing N+1 queries
HTTP-related optimizations

Before we talk about how to optimize performance we need ways to effectively measure it. But even before
we can measure it we need to know what exactly we want to measure. Here are some of the most important performance measures of an API/backend service:

Throughput: the number of requests the system can handle without going down.
Load time: the amount of time it takes for an HTTP request to respond.
Size: the total size of the HTTP response.
Server uptime: the duration of time the server is up and running usually expressed as a percentage.
CPU usage: the amount of CPU your system needs to run. It is usually expressed as load average which
I'm gonna explain later.
Memory usage: the amount of memory your system uses.

All of the above by building real-world projects such as a web scraper or a complete web page analytics platform.

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