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Django in Action (Final Release)
Название: Django in Action (Final Release)
Автор: Christopher Trudeau
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2024
Страниц: 438
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 12.4 MB

Build professional quality web applications using Python and the Django 5.0 web framework.

The Django web application framework powers huge sites like Netflix, Dropbox, YouTube, and Spotify. Learn how it can power your web apps too! In this hands-on book, you'll begin building a fully functional web application with Django starting with chapter 1.

In Django in Action you'll:
Build a multi-user web site in Django
Read, write, and manage data
Create reusable and composable HTML templates
Manage user data including form submissions and file uploads
Set up authentication, authorization, and per-person-per-page permissions
Manage the backend using the Django Admin tool
Discover Django libraries and plugins

Django in Action is the perfect way to get started for new Django developers creating their first Python-based web apps. It's written by Christopher Trudeau, co-host of The Real Python Podcast and creator of dozens of popular courses at Real Python and TalkPython. The book starts with Django's basics and works through all of the core concepts of the framework until you're comfortable and confident creating your own web apps. You'll especially enjoy the author's lighthearted style that makes learning fun!

Foreword by Michael Kennedy.

About the technology:

Django makes life easier for Python web developers. This "batteries included" framework comes packed with everything you need—a template engine that crafts HTML-like code, efficient user management features, automated testing, robust API support, and much more. If you know the basics of Python, Django will help you build professional-quality web applications. This book will show you how.

About the book:

InDjango in Action you'll dive deep into Django as you build a complete multi-user website. Hands-on from the start, each chapter introduces new features to your site, including password management and authentication, web forms and file uploads, and dynamic, jаvascript-like interactivity. You'll see how all the components of a Django project come together while learning practical tips on leveraging third-party libraries and deploying your code to production.

What's inside:
Reusable and composable HTML templates
Reading, writing, and managing data
Backend management with Django Admin
Exploring Django libraries and plugins

About the reader:
For readers with basic Python programming and some HTML knowledge.

About the author:
Christopher Trudeau is the co-host of the Real Python Podcast, a prolific author of Django and Python articles and video courses, and an experienced Python developer.


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