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OpenID Connect in Action (MEAP V12)
OpenID Connect in Action (MEAP V12)Название: OpenID Connect in Action (MEAP V12)
Автор: Prabath Siriwardena
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2023
Страниц: 335
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 11.0 MB

An example-driven guide to securing access to your applications with OpenID Connect, the OAuth-based identity layer that keeps billions of user interactions safe every day.

In OpenID Connect in Action you will:

Build client applications that integrate OpenID Connect adhering to best practices
Create single-page applications secured with OpenID Connect
Integrate OpenID connect with native mobile and server-side web applications
Federate access to APIs/microservices from a client application
Use OpenID Connect to secure access to smart TV applications
Explore common login security pitfalls and how to avoid them
Take a deep-dive into the internals of OpenID Connect

Login security is a complex problem with a simple solution: OpenID Connect. OpenID Connect in Action takes you under the hood of this reliable identity layer, showing you how to integrate OpenID Connect into a server-side web application, a single-page application (SPA), a native mobile application, APIs, and more.

Although most people don’t realize it (developers excepted), every day we all use OpenID Connect to log in worldwide. Developers use OpenID Connect to secure access to all types of applications. In this book you will learn everything you need to know about OpenID Connect so you can implement it. Over time, I’ve seen more and more applications adding support for OpenID Connect, which is easily overtaking its most successful predecessor, SAML 2.0. Since 2016, most applications developed globally use OpenID Connect for login.

In this book, I focus on four types of applications: single-page applications, native mobile applications, and server-side web applications. I picked these types of applications because they address almost all the common OpenID Connect use cases we see in practice today. In addition to explaining OpenID Connect internals in detail while taking you through how different applications integrate with OpenID Connect, the book also covers security pitfalls and the best practices and guidelines to avoid those while integrating client applications with OpenID Connect for login.

The sample applications in the book use Java and React. Although having some working knowledge of those technologies will be helpful, it’s not a must. If you are comfortable with any programming language, know the basics of jаvascript, and have a solid understanding of how the web works in general, you are all set.

about the technology
OpenID Connect is an easy-to-implement identity layer built on top of OAuth 2. OpenID Connect helps secure billions of user interactions on the internet daily. Because it uses the JSON standard, OpenID Connect is more lightweight than legacy alternatives and flexible enough to meet the ID federation requirements for all types of modern applications.

about the book
OpenID Connect in Action teaches you to deploy OpenID Connect to secure access to your apps. Ten-year access management veteran Prabath Siriwardena takes you in-depth with the widely adopted technology, showing you how to optimize OpenID Connect for your application’s specific use cases. You’ll work to secure end-to-end example applications created with React and React Native, and even develop solutions for Smart TVs and APIs.

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