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Octane - March 2016

Название: Octane
Издательство: Octane Media Ltd.
Год / месяц: March 2016
Номер: Issue 153
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 89.89 MB
Страниц: 252

Octane – британский автомобильный журнал о дорогих, эксклюзивных автомобилях. Автомобильные новости и дорожные испытания, а также обширный раздел продажи автомобилей.
Octane is the authoritative guide to the best classic cars the world has to offer. Each issue brings you an exclusive insight into the world of classic cars from our experienced and expert contributors, and also our celebrity columists such as Jay Leno and Nick Mason. Octane with bring you the best cars, the top events plus also offers 1000's of classic cars for sale to help you find your dream car!

Содержание номера:

- Cover story. 50 years of Miura
- Cover story. Miura memories
- Alfa Romeo 6c restoration
- Henry Ford’s house
- Getaway cars (cops and robbers explode the myth of the Jaguar MK2)
- Ferrari 575m vs Aston Vanquish
- Cars to buy now (Robert Coucher on the best way to spend in 2016)
- Lindner N?cker Jaguar
- Fiat Jolly
- New car news (right-hand-drive Mustang and Detroit show news)

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