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Effective Software Architecture: Building Better Software Faster (Final)
Название: Effective Software Architecture: Building Better Software Faster (Final)
Автор: Oliver Goldman
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional/Pearson Education
Год: 2024
Страниц: 241
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub, mobi
Размер: 10.1 MB

Leverage software architecture as an effective tool for product development and build better software faster.Effective Software Architecture is the essential handbook for making software architecture an effective practice within product development organizations and processes while putting whole software teams on the same page. Industry elite Oliver Goldman provides a comprehensive perspective on the set of real-world skills and practices this work requires: a predictable, repeatable design process; the ability to make decisions expediently and effectively; a comprehensive and consistent communication strategy; tools that promote efficiency; and a team that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Goldman's engaging prose articulates why software architecture is essential to building great software products, release after release. Rather than focusing on a specific architectural style or technology, this book's goal is to make software architects better at managing change, design, decision making, and team communication while helping software product managers, program managers, UX designers, and other team members understand how architecture functions within the software development process. Goldman's work is essential to helping the whole team achieve success.

An effective software architecture practice helps product development organizations produce better software faster. But before we can discuss an effective practice, we need an understanding of software architecture. It’s a term that’s used frequently in the software industry, and often with a certain laxness. Tightening up our definition is important, as the practices in this book are closely aligned with a strict and complete definition of architecture.

Software architecture is often equated with software design, but the two are actually quite distinct. A design is a specific, point-in-time arrangement of software components that, collectively, form a software system. As we develop each release of that system and determine how that release will function, we are designing that release.

What happens when we create the next iteration of that same system? We’ll revise its design, of course: That’s how we introduce the changes that distinguish one release from the next. But we won’t throw it out and start over, either; each subsequent design is related to the one that came before.

An architecture is a template for the iterative creation of a set of related designs. Architectures are also designed, but they are more than a design. Thus, an effective software architecture practice doesn’t just create one good design; it lays the foundation for creating tens, hundreds, and thousands of designs. That’s the potential of software architecture, and that’s the promise of an effective software architecture practice.

• Understand software architecture and its role in product development
• Learn to effectively communicate about software architecture
• Employ architectural strategies for consistent, reliable design results
• Make architecture an integral aspect of product development
• Integrate architectural thinking into whole development organizations

Effective Software Architecture is a guide for making software architecture an effective tool for product development.

This book is for software architects, the managers who lead them, and their counterparts in product management, user experience, program management, and other related disciplines. Building software is a joint space in which all these disciplines cooperate. I hope they will all benefit from these explanations of software architecture as a discipline, its role in software development, and how architects and architecture teams operate. Practicing architects will find guidance that they can compare to their own methods. No matter how numerous their years of experience, they may yet find something new here. Software architecture is too young a field to have a broadly known corpus and consistent or regulated practice. This book is also for everyone who works with a software architecture team.

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